Vogue 9771 – Pop your collar

The chevron bag continues apace, or at a kind of pace, so I thought I’d show you something that is finished. It’s an adorable vintage pattern, which the reliable Vintage Pattern Wiki tells me is from 1959. It comprises ‘Sleeveless blouse with shawl collar…gored skirt in two lengths’ with ‘buttoned waistband’ and ‘Regulation shorts’.

Observe the summery ladies gracing the front of Vogue 9771. Whatever they’re up to, whether it’s sunning themselves in Cape Cod or playing a set of tennis at the country club, they don’t do anything so common as (whisper it) sweat.

A woman whose skirt, blouse and shorts match has the requisite matching sangfroid. Unfortunately mine totally deserted me at several points while trying to make the fetching overblouse component out of a silky synthetic fabric.

Firstly my dart points ended up dimpling, when I should really know better. Then I used the wrong interfacing on the collar, making it stiffer than a Victorian judge. When I cut it again, I decided to cut it on the fold rather than as two pieces, messing up the grainline which perhaps caused the weird puckering round the back. But that could have been down to my confusion over the instructions.

I was really scratching my head when it came to finishing off the collar piece which you can see in the picture overlaps at the front of the blouse.

I mean, what does this MEAN? When it comes to ‘stitch blouse between clips at squares to end of collar, press downward’, I’m all at sea. And the enlargement diagram continues to boggle my mind.

Rather than letting the poor blouse languish unfinished, I decided to bodge it, with the following, perhaps predictable results. A bad case of puckering.

But I still kind of love it.

Though there are slits at the bottom of the side seams, these don’t get shown off since I think it looks a lot better tucked in with it’s boxy shape. Even though it has some horribly visible flaws I love the over-sized collar and the navy and white colour scheme. It looks very cute with a plain black cardigan for work. I also like the way it almost looks like there are cap sleeves because the shoulders extend out quite far. Because the fabric frays under a heavy glance, I used french seams where possible, and finished with some pre-bought navy satin bias tape, to prevent my love dying.

And if you do do something as common as perspire in this cute top, then all you need to do is pop your collar at those haters from the cotillion committee.

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  9. Bryant says:

    Wow, this post is nice, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going
    to let know her.

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