Welcome to the secret life…

…of seams!

This blog is my attempt to turn the outfit in the shop window into a confection in my brain and finally into a shirt on my back. The problem? Now the web has so many fabulous sewing resources, and fantastic blogs, my perspiration: inspiration ratio is being thrown out of balance.

So if I chronicle my novice attempts at dressmaking online, I’m hoping that will give me the focus to be more productive. And, fingers crossed, allow me to engage in more of a conversation with the amazingly talented sewers out there.

The first project I’ll be chronicling is not a piece of clothing, but a bag. This to me is one of the fantastic things about sewing resources online. Until recently, I wouldn’t have believed some basic supplies and a smattering of sewing machine skills would allow you to create a handsome every-day bag…and this attempt might prove that I was right first time round. But then my trusty shoulder bag seemed to visibly age overnight and I decided to take the plunge.

The beginning of a disaster?

I was definite about one thing: this bag would be a nuetral colour and conservative style I could team with all kinds of outfits. After a trip to Goldhawk Road’s parade of fabric shops, I ended up with a slightly adjusted gameplan: green and black chevrons.

So now I’m drafting my own pattern on the fly and trying a lot of new things like working with leather, magnetic bag clips, inserting linings, making pockets bags, and oh yeah did I mention leather?

Wish me luck.

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